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    Country Profile

    With a spectacular natural environment, high quality of life and great diversity, Australia is a highly sought after destination. It has 10 per cent of the world's biodiversity and a great number of its native plants and animals exist nowhere else on earth. From tropical rainforests in the north to the red deserts of the centre, from the snowfields of the south-east to the Australian Antarctic Territory, Australia is a vast and varied land.

    Australia's economy is consistently ranked among the strongest of advanced economies in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

    With low unemployment, low inflation and a highly skilled workforce, and with strong links with the fastest-growing region in the world — the Indo-Pacific — Australia's economy is set to prosper well into the future.

    Facts and Figures
     Population 24,113,306
     GDP: $56,327.7 (TWB 2016)
     GDP:$ 1,339,539.06 (TWB 2016)
     Total Land Mass: 7,659,861km2
     Capital City: Canberra