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    Country Profile

    Malta is a European island country 90km south of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta is a popular tourist destination with its warm climate, idyllic beaches, numerous fortresses, and famous megalithic temples. Malta has had a varied history resulting from a succession of rulers; from the Aghlabids and the Romans to the Knights of Saint John and finally the British. This unique historical background has allowed for a distinctive blend of cultural influences that can be seen in the cuisine, the language, and the lifestyle. Today Malta has been named as the second most popular immigration destination in the world and for good reason. Malta is a Commonwealth nation in the EU and the Eurozone, giving it this small island nation access to major economic partners and benefits. This combined with a wealth of history, the multilingual people, and beautiful views on every corner of the island, make it a perfect immigration destination.

    Facts and Figures
     Population: 423,282
     GDP: $10,463,000,000
     Per Capita GDP: $22,713
     Size: 316km2
     Capital: Valletta
    Aside from the warm Mediterranean climate and breathtaking beauty, Malta has a very high standard of living and very favorable tax policies. Above all, Malta has an excellent economic position as a member of the European Union, the Schengen area, the Eurozone and the Commonwealth of Nations. 


    Program Details

    The qualifications and general requirements for the issuing of a certificate under these regulations are that such person:
    (a)  Is at least 18 years of age;

    (b)  Has a clean criminal record (as do his dependents), has passed the due diligence test and is a fit and proper person;
    (c)   Commits himself to provide proof of title to a qualifying property which may be either of the following:
    A qualifying owned property purchased at a consideration of not less than two hundred and seventy thousand euro (€270,000) for a property situated in Gozo or in the south of Malta, or three hundred and twenty thousand euro (€320,000) for a property situated elsewhere in Malta.
    A qualifying rented property, taken on lease for a rent of not less than ten thousand euro (€10,000) per annum for a property situated in Gozo or in the south of Malta, or not less than twelve thousand euro (€12,000) per annum for a property situated elsewhere in Malta.
    (d)  Commits himself to a qualifying investment of an initial value of two hundred and fifty thousand euro (€250,000) which must be held for a minimum of period of 5 years from the date of certificate.
    (e)  Must be a third country national (TCN) and not a citizen of Malta, the EU, EEA or Switzerland.
    (f) Maintain a health insurance policy (covers all risks across the EU and not less than €30,000)


    A foundational policy of the Maltese government is to welcome people from different countries to invest or reside in Malta. For economic development and to attract foreign investment, the Maltese government has issued a series of favorable policies and multiple residential program in order to satisfy different needs of investors from all around the world.

    The Malta Residence and Visa Program was launched by Parliamentary Secretary Dr Jose’ Herrera in 2015. It provides international investors with residency rights. These rights will apply only for non-EU, EEA, and Swiss Nationals. The new program falls under the Immigration Act and is available to both the applicant and their dependents.

    Visa free for Schengen countries
    ? 26 Schengen countries, travel without visa
    Low taxes in business 
    Both of Enterprises & residences will benefit from flat tax rates in Malta
    World’s Top-level medical system
    Advanced Facilities, Elite Doctors & Nurses Are All For You
    1 applicant, 4 generations move to Malta
    Not only your children, spouse, parents, even grandparents can also become residences
    Latest News
    September 29th 2016, Mr. Roderick Cutajar was invited to the DELSK offices to give a speech on the Malta residence and visa program, analyzing the benefits of the program as well as talking about policy and the process of potential investors. Mr. Cutajar carefully gave answers to any questions and was able to share personal insight and experience from his time working with the program.

    (left) Mr Roderick and Director of European Project Operation Oscar Chen