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    Country Profile

    The United States is a country that is famous for its natural beauty, its cultural diversity and its world class education and healthcare. It is a country founded by immigrants and represents the idea that all men and women have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Americans are known for their popular culture which is exported all over the world, their technological innovation and their strong love for their country and the principles on which it was founded.

     Population 324,720,797(3rd)
     GDP $17,946,996,000,000 (1st)
     GDP per capita 53,041
     Capital Washington, D.C.
     Total Land Mass: 9,833,517km2(3rd)

    EB-5 is the abbreviation of Employment Based Fifth Preference. The original act was created in 1990 aiming to encourage and attract foreign investors to boost employment opportunities for local residents. In 1992, in order to further attract the foreign investors, USCIS introduced the concept of TEA (Target Employment Area). If the foreign investors invest in the TEA area, the capital investment can be cut down from $1 million to $0.5 million. The EB-5 program requires that the capital must be at risk during the person hold the conditional green card. In 1993, in order to control the investment risk and increase the chance of investment success, USCIS put the regional center (RC) pilot program into practice from October 1, 1993. Once a regional center approved by USCIS, it has the right to gather capital from investors through private equity. The Regional Center will apply the capital into qualified projects which promote employment opportunities.

    During the last few years, EB-5 has attracted a large number of high net worth individuals because of its many merits including the low threshold and high benefits. There is a 10,000 visa quota annually, of which nearly 85% are mainland China born applicants. Besides, the number of investors from Vietnam, South Korea and Taiwan is increasing dramatically.

    The United States is the largest economy in the world with leading education and healthcare and the most advanced capital market. It is a country that has pride in its diverse cultural background and striking landscapes while celebrating the innovation of its people. The United States carries with it the stability and global influence to attract investment and immigration from  

    Westin Hotel Project Introduction

    Program Details


    Great Location for Real Estate Projects
    The Westin hotel project is located in Sarasota Florida, a city with highest number of visitors annually in the world. In 2015, it was assessed by Tripadvisor as the best travelling city in Florida. The location is very convenient, only 15 minutes’ drive to Sarasota airport, 20 minutes’ drive to state boundary highway, and 90 minutes’ drive to Disneyland.
    Excellent Developer
    Founded in 1993, Kolter Group has grown to be one of the leading real estate and investment corporations with more than $12 billion in assets. Kolter Group has 4 subsidiaries: Kolter Land, Kolter Urban, Kolter Home, and Kolter Hospitality. Kolter Group cooperates with Regions Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in the central and south of the US. Kolter Group holds an excellent loan record from Regions bank of $300 million. 
    Job Creation
    The job creation calculation was completed by the famous economist Paul Sommers using the economic model RIMS-II. The total number of employment opportunities generated by this project is 1,233, over 3 times the minimum requirement. 
    I-924 Approved
    I-924 for the project was approved on August 4, 2016.

    EB-5 Program Requirements

    The requirements for EB-5 are as following:

    Invest $500,000 million to a TEA project.

    Create 10 direct or indirect employment opportunities.

    The applicants should meet the following requirements to apply for a green card through EB-5 projects.

    No requirements for investors age (18 or above suggested).

    One applicant can include his/her spouse and their children under the age of 21.

    Show the legal proof of the $500,000 million.

    The capital should be in operation or is ready to be in operation.

    Show proof of no contagious illness.

    Show proof of a clear criminal record.

    No requirement for language, education background, or business background.