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    Country Profile

    Famous for its beautiful landscapes, longstanding traditions and delicious foods, Spain is country of great history and pride. Located on the Iberian Peninsula in Southwest Europe, Spain is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, France and the Atlantic to the north and Portugal to the west. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Spain had tremendous power and influence around Europe and even conquered the Atlantic Ocean and much of the Americas. They were fierce conquerors, brave warriors and great pioneers. Now, the Spanish are cultural and social leaders in Europe who endeavor to continue influencing the people of the world. Spanish people are great lovers of football, their unique style of cuisine and wine. This lifestyle combined with their beautiful mountains, beaches and architecture, attracts people from every country and has grown Spain’s tourism industry into the second largest in the world.

    Facts and Figures
     Population: 46,507,760
     GDP: $1,381,342,000,000
     Per Capita GDP: $29,863.18
     Total area: 504,642 km2
     Capital city: Madrid
    Spain has the 16th largest economy in the world and is ranked fifth and fourth in the European Union and Eurozone respectively. In 2016, the country stands as the second most visited country in the world, recording 68.1 million tourists and marking the third consecutive year of record-breaking numbers.


    Program Details

    Minimum investment of  €500K
    Main applicant should be above 18 years old
    Non EU national
    Non criminal record
    The whole family (the main applicant, his/her spouse and children) can apply together


    On September 27, 2013, the Spanish government issued a new immigration law, which has brought more opportunities for immigration through investment. This law gives residency to those who buy a property over 500,000 EUR.

    Free public education
    Good language environment
    Extremely short-term application
    Permission to work and study
    No residence requirements
    No language requirements
    No need for business or academic backgrounds

    Latest News
    Spain has no doubt become a popular investment destination in Europe and attracted numerous investors to invest and purchase real estate and enjoy a high-welfare and high-quality European lifestyle.

    Recently, there were some amendments to the entrepreneurs’ law; some clarifications and some updated details.

    There is no legal entrance requirement except for collecting biometric data and collecting the residence card. That is: Application from D visa to 2-year residence permit card has no legal entrance request, the same way, 2-year to 5-year residence permit card renewal has no legal entrance requirement either.

    That is to say: Investors can get a residence permit, and require no legal entrance requirement either during 2-year residence permit nor after it’s renewal. This change can greatly simplify the application process and make the whole process faster. From this point of view, Spanish government really put much effort in attracting investors!