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    Crossover world without limit - Photos of 2018 DELSK Group Annual Ceremony


    On January 20, prepared by a hundred-person team for six months, an annual ceremony was held as scheduled in Beijing China World Trade Center Hotel. The ceremony provides with awesome performances and modern stage effects, creating a great experience for every event attendees, which is even comparable to the Chinese Spring Festival Gala.
    So here it is! The charm of the 2018 DELSK Group Annual Ceremony.
    Themed as “cross the world without limit”, the Annual party this year sees a perfect combination of "Delsk", "Hooli", "H+" and "Ou Yue home", expressing the concepts of “four plates”, “internet integration”, “crossover world” and “cross-border services”, which also records the nine years glory history of Delsk.
    Our achievements are including the establishment of branches, high quality team and newly joined blood. As one of the Delskers, we need you to have excellent working skills and good looking!
    Here are the long-awaited photos!

    Once walking across the fabulous gate, you are the shining star on the red carpet!

    Our professional carpet interview host.

    The most handsome one! No others!

    Seriously? Are we in the live fashion show?

    Leave your beautiful smile here!
    Who has the best smile?

    Put on your gorgeous clothes, we are the most confident shining star!

    Raise your head, stride forward

    How many leaves are there among the flowers? You might get their name if the answer is correct! 20s time count begins now!

    A blaze of cool wind!

    We are families! Look at our international colleagues!

    We all look good thanks to our dear photographers!

    Can't mess up my hair! Come on I’m not ready!

    Gorgeous fashion Show.

      The most beautiful Delskers

    Step forward and define glory!
    After the confident red carpet debut, we begin to enjoy the awesome performance! Time of our third season good voice winners of Delsk ~hooli four wits~ new little gentleman ... Who gains the best performance award? Keep looking!

    The appearance of the host team with handsome and beauty.

    Leader speech, we still need to move forward!

    Wang is always in a good shape isn't he?

    Good voice students sing "Another Heaven", "Sea Taro Love"

    A wonderful and lovely opening dance ~ Look at this shy walking.

    Lucky draw started! Third Prize is 5,000 RMB, for a total of 58 people! Fourth prize 2000 RMB, for a total of 150 people! Such a high chance of winning, I am afraid there is no second one!

    You are the tomorrow singing star!

    Show time of hooli team!

    Amazing performance

    “Am I beautiful?” “No!”

    A slap for you!

    Popular value is bursting!

    Singing Score: SSS!

    Let’s go high together!

    The poetic performance "New Little Gentleman" obtains wide praise!

    Draw the second prize it! Cash 20000RMB for a total of 10 winners. Who is the lucky one? Photographer is probably too shock to take photos...

    “Cross-border” is crazy! Kumamoto bear is coming!

    Award for excellent staff, thanks for your contribution!

    Excellent employee representative is giving a speech!

    Mr.Wang announces the promotion list.

    Watching this with a strong heart

    Don’t be scared, they are called “super boy”…

    Watching the performance seriously.

    Other people’s girl is always pretty and gifted.

    What's up!  Where's the screaming?

    Look! Finally come to the first prize time! The award is huge! 100000RMB! 2 winners!

    Look! Is it me? ?

    Congratulations to the first prize winner ~! So much happiness!

    Overseas exotic dance show.

    When gourds grow up ... What's going to happen?

    Cool Dance!

    After the fierce competition, "New young man" stands out and wins the award of the best show.
    So far all performance are finished! Who is the most popular star in your heart? Just leave a message down below! Look at the high-end photos!

    Friends, let’s give a hug.

    “Like” Delsk

    Have you ever seen such good looking leaders?

    I found no words to describe your beauty!

    ‘Lonely Heroes’

    Number contest? Our international project operations department is not scared!

    Powerful manner!

    Great generals with extraordinary temperament

    Elites from all over the world gathered in the hall.

    2018, Let’s keep going!
    In 2018, Delskers will forge ahead and contribute more brilliant achievements! Together, we believe, Delsk’s business will continue to grow with more awesome events in the bright future!