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    Further movement - Delsk Group India Branch is established.


    In this fruitful autumn of October, Another “big bang” bombed in Delsk! In a sound of expectation, Delsk Group India Branch is officially established as a new important initiative of the globalization strategy of Delsk, following the achievements of the subsidiaries in Ireland, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Russia, Japan, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Dalian, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, etc.

    The establishment of the Indian branch will promote the development of Delsk group's business, to better provide investors in South Asia with high quality services.


    The establishment of India branch is a significant initiative for implementing the Delsk Global Strategy.

    India Branch is located in the Lodha Supremus, Bombay Parel District, opposite to the Wally District landmark "the World Towers".

    The LODHA SUPREMUS building is located in Mumbai's upscale business district - Nariman Point, the first premier business district in India. The business center has now become one of the most expensive CBD around the world.

    India branch has the absolute geo-value with convenient transportation and a strong business environment, to attract foreign investment, especially well-known international enterprises.

    The excellent location and surroundings provides a comfy working experience for employees to best provide investors with professional overseas asset allocation services.

    Surrounding environment

    Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal(Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal), known as one of the most beautiful railway stations in the world

    The Gate way of India

    Bandra Worli Sea Link

    Internal environment

    Comfortable office

    Pantry room, lounge, meeting room

    In addition to its excellent office environment, Delsk India also sends a well-trained team with full enthusiasm and strong cohesion to provide high quality services to net worth individuals in India and all over the world.

    Elitist of the India Branch

    Every speech is a sign of victory

    Let’s toast together to celebrate the joy moment

    As a global cross-border asset allocation and investment service platform, Delsk Group stands on the global site, focusing on the diversified needs of investors as the starting point, providing a full range of solutions for the high-net-worth individuals in China, Europe, the United States and the Asia-Pacific region to the world. The establishment of Delsk India branch not only explores a new territory in the world, but also brings strong support for the global strategic layout of Delsk Group in the future.
    We all wish Delsk India branch can ride wind and waves towards bright future.