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    Real estate market is so hot, Delsk overseas fund poured 200 million euros into Spain


    The news that Spain's property market is booming is familiar to us. Since the euro debt crisis of 2008, Spain's house prices have plunged to a record of 1997 and have lasted a long period of low ground. Then, accompanied by the recovery of the economy and the stability and expansion of the investment residency program, the real estate market finally began to recover slowly in 2014.

    200 million euros has been invested in the Spanish real estate market

    Just a few years, Spain has become the ideal choice for many investors in Europe. However, there is a mess beneath the surface of the housing boom. Therefore, through in-depth market investigation and analysis of the investors demand, Delsk overseas real estate fund decided to invest two hundred million euros to the real estate market of Spain, to improve and promote experience of investors, which will solve the rigid demand of more global investors.

    Delsk is trying to provide investors a clean, reliable and transparent house trading environment.

    What DELSK has to do is try our best to integrate market resources, as far as possible to buy more quality houses, and to ensure that each set of houses is clean without asset disputes, so that investors will not have any worries about the application.

    In 2016, the volume of Spain's houses trading exceeded 400,000 sets that is the highest record since 2011. And the volume of 2016 is more than 49,000 sets that of 2015 , the increase of up to 13.88%. Two of the most traded cities were Madrid and Barcelona. This shows that the speed of housing trading increases yearly and that the fall of the Spanish housing price will enter into the end! A full-scale rebound may occur within two years. Nearly a million of unsalable new houses during the Spanish bubble period have sold out in the recent years because of the large discount. The best time to invest the real estate of Spain may just be two years left considering the improvement of Spanish economy and employment.

    In addition to Chinese investors, more and more foreigners are focusing on Spain. Foreigners bought 13.57% of the property in the last quarter of 2016. The top three overseas buyers were British, German and French, while Chinese buyers ranked first in investors from non-european countries.

    Moreover, Spain has a large demand of renting in travel seasons. According to the Spanish International Bureau of Statistics, the number of international tourists in December of 2016 was 300,000, and the total number of international tourists was 75.3 million counted in November of 2016. Spain attracted 75.6 million foreign tourists in 2016, with an increase of 10.3% compared to the number of 2015. It was a new record in history. This number was 1.6 times as much as Spain's total population! The demand for short-term rentals in the travel season has increased dramatically, driving the rental market steadily.


    Under the great environment of the real estate market in Spain, DELSK will provide the investors with standard service and higher requirements to ensure the security of the investment.