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    Delsk International Student Housing APP – Coming Soon!


    Technology is the driving force behind an increasingly globalized world. In order to maintain our position as a leader in the immigration and investment industry, Delsk is expanding our range of services by developing an APP for international student housing. We aim to help these students find the best possible accommodation for a stay in their country of choice.

    Globalization is spurring the growth of the middle class in Asian countries like China and India, allowing more families to send their children abroad for their studies. Our network of partners, from banks to immigration agents to study abroad consultants, is experiencing this growing demand first hand. Delsk, as a wholesale marketing platform and consultant, intends to help answer this demand with our app.

    With our global team of dedicated professionals spread across 19 international offices Delsk has the experience and the reach to quickly connect operators with students from a half a dozen Asian countries, which combined have over 1 million students seeking education abroad.

    Based on figures provided by the Chinese Ministry of Education, 60% of students said they prefer to use traditional agencies when planning their study abroad experiences. That is 475,000 that put their confidence in companies like our partners, which means we will have strong credibility within the market as we utilize our network for marketing the app.

    With direct contact to the operators and updated details about each and every room, we aim to provide a smooth and easy transition to an exciting adventure for the students. Adventure and study are the goals of the student APP users. It is our goal to facilitate the students to have the best possible experience while they make their dreams come true.

    Once our APP is launched we will continue to develop and grow our services based on the needs of the users by connecting students with providers of the highest quality student accommodation. For us our adventure into a new arena is just starting. Together with our partners and students, Delsk will make the world yours.