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    Delsk opened office in Hong Kong providing service for locals


    Delsk Hong Kong office opened on 16th September 2015 with lots of attention after a long time preparation. It is the seventh office after Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing and also an important milestone, bringing inspirations and challenges to Delsk.

    Delsk operates in multiple counties and regions with administrative offices covering countries such as Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, American, Germany, Malta, Ireland, Thailand etc. Furthermore, our service contains American EB5 program and Ou Yue Jia overseas medical program.

    Our Hong Kong office is located in a famous office block which called Langham Place, grade A office building, in Mongkok Portland Street, enjoying excellent geographical advantages with a 360-degree view of port Victoria and Kowloon. We choose this location to provide a comfortable and convenient environment for both our clients and staffs.  

    The core businesses of Hong Kong office is providing the most professional overseas investment scheme and consultancy for locals who are in need. We are dedicated to enlarge market for more clients under the guidance of multinational perspective.