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    Attention! Delsk Annual Party of Year 2017 is on the way!


    This Saturday, the prettiest people in the universe will get together to celebrate the 2017 Annual party of Delsk Group! Yes, you don’t have to wait that long, come and see in advance!

    For all we know, there will be price draws anytime during the annual party, and Mr Wang Jing, our CEO of Delsk will draw the first and second price. You will never know how amazing the prizes will be. Shhh...we will keep the surprise till that moment.

    Attention! The Annual Party will consist of 3 parts full of highlights throughout the whole event. There is definitely something you would love to see!

    ??Clue 1: :??

    Pick your favorite singer before you turn around!

    Finals of The Voice Of Delsk

    After a series of screening, you must find some amazing highlights in the finals!
    Every single Delsk singer made a lot effort to step on the final competition night,
    Powerful? Tender?Resonant?
    Which style is your favorite? Look forward to the finals night! Vote the one you love!


    Don’t hide it, here is your favorite Digging Out Bitter History Chief Managers Talk Show!


    Privacy exposures, Unknown histories, Gossips...As a professional team, we are so ready to dip deep. Pay attention to next week’s headline!


    Come on! Let’s get the party started!

    Enjoy the Fantastic performances!

    With great effort of more than a month preparing and rehearsal for the event, the Annual Party will be shining for sure! Wait, there is Cross-dressing Queen again this year?? AND pop dancing girls??
    What are you waiting for? Come and rock with Delsk!

    Hip: To avoid chaotic, please remember to sign in when you arrive. Here is the flow:

    1.Step one: Scan the QR code and follow the official Wechat account of Delsk. Send The number of 8 to the account to sign in.
    2.Step two: Staff who are qualified to draw the first and second price (official staff for 2 years or longer) come and sign in to get the lucky draw ticket.
    3.Step Three: All members of each department walk the red carpet when they are ready.
    4.Step Four: At the end of the carpet, pick the photos of each department and pose for photos together.
    5.Step Five: Enter the conference hall, be seated according to the number on the tables.

    Delsk Annual Party of Year 2017

    December 17th, 2016.
    JW Marriott
    Starts at 1pm
    Please be well dressed and be here in time!
    December 17th, let’s celebrate here!