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    Introduction of We Care nursing home Brandon experience


    We care is a sub-brand under the Eldercare group who is geared with 15 years of operational experience. Eldercare group has been dedicated providing professional nursing care services. The staying rate of Eldercare is above 95%. It is the most authoritative Irish nursing home operators. It has extensive prior experience in investment in management and it is has potentially great future.

    Why is nursing home this popular?

    1: The requirement for nursing home in Ireland is getting high. The project operation is secured. The problem of the aging population is getting more serious. The demand for beds in nursing home is getting high. We Care nursing home filled the existing vacancies in the market. The government encouraged the construction of nursing home while also providing financial support. The government gives each elderly person 1000euros each week to ensure the long term operation of the nursing home.

    It has a sound exit mechanism. There is escrow to ensure the safe return of the investor’s funds.  Deloitte is responsible for preliminary research of the project, the construction of funds data, operations after the financial statements and legal advices. Full tripartite collaboration is to ensure the sound operation of the project.


    Ireland’s unique pension environment 

    Ireland is covered with green, natural environment. It is known as the “Emerald Isle”. The air is clean, no dust, no pollution, which undoubtedly created a unique environment. The green ecological environment and numerous gold courses as well as the mild climate is suitable for people to live in. This is a very rare endowment Holy Land.

    Added Value of Investment in Ireland

    Investment We Care nursing home projects in Ireland brings investors the Irish permanent residence with his or her family at the same time. Based on that, they will have chance to enjoy high-quality education in Ireland and other welfare. It is one of the main reasons why this project is so popular.


    Since European mutual certification education system, children are free to apply for other European countries (including the UK) according to their needs in Ireland. As for tuition fees, the local students need to pay £ 9,000 annually and international students need to pay at least £ 22,000 pounds annually. Next, let's take a look at the acceptance rate of top university in UK, for the instance, Oxford University. For Chinese students, success admission rate was only 0.015% per million populations. The success admission rate of the Irish students was 3.7% per million populations, which is nearly 250 times higher than China.

    In addition to education, the Irish National Health Service is one of the best public health systems in the world. In Dublin, there are many well-known research institution and educational hospital. They can provide high-quality and diversified medical services. Also, Ireland have excellent pension system providing a series of services, including health care, inpatient care, home care, rehabilitation and a variety of other community services for persons aged 65 and over living in Ireland.

     Investment Guide

    Although the third unit of We Care nursing home project has been sold out, the other investors have no need to worry about, the follow-up units of nursing home investment projects will launching soon;

    Note for the investors with unavailable fund: Due to the limited number of clients, We Care project will give a priority to the investor with well-prepared funding and stronger willingness, ensuring the quality for both the investors and nursing home operation. Therefore, subscribed investors have to be ready to step up investment funds in order to get application approved.