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    Comprehensive Analysis on Changing Details of 500,000 Euro Investment for Residence Permit Policy in Spain


    These days, the investment policy in Spain has been updating on and off. Spain has no doubt become a popular investment destination in Europe and attracted numerous investors to invest and purchase real estate and enjoy a high-welfare and high-quality European lifestyle.

    Recently, there’s misunderstanding with the 500000 euros investment residence permit policy, hereby we make a clarification with the updated details.

    1, Residence permit renewal application can only be processed in Spain instead of the Spanish consulates in China.

    News lately posted online says that “Residence card renewal from 2 years to 5 years can be processed in the Spanish Consulate in China rather than entering Spain.” After coordinating with related departments, we got reply said that: no matter 2-year residence permit application with D-type visa or renewal 2-year residence permit to 5-year residence permit now needs to be submitted to the local police station in Spain and cannot to be renewed in China.

    Followings are intercepted from the reply of related business departments:

    2, There is no legal entrance requirement except for collecting biometric data and collecting card.
    As we all know, in the latest act of Spain in July 2015, the provisions of Spanish residence permit can be updated by D+2+5, i.e., we can get a 1-year D visa in the first year, then get a 2-year residence permit card, and finally renewal to a 5-year residence permit card.
    Latest changes in investment policy, Spanish government made all renewal process more simplified and greatly improve the efficiency of renewal of investors. This is great news for those who are interested in Spanish real estate.

    1, D visa to 2-year residence permit card has no legal entrance requirement.
    The investor only needs to enter Spain for collecting biometric data and collecting cards. This confirmation is from the acts of the year 2013 and 2015, which concluded in Spanish investment residence permit, and related business departments.

    Regarding to this policy changes, the reply of related departments is : “Si, es correcot, No tiene obligación de residir en España...”That is: D visa to 2-year residence permit card has no legal entrance request. Besides, we can learn from acts of year 2015 that in the acts of the year 2013 did request legal entrance and then cancelled in 2015. So we can see that Spanish government more and more focus on the convenience of investors in terms of changing contents of investing policy, and it will attract more and more investors to invest in real estate.
    2, 2-year to 5-year residence permit card renewal has no legal entrance requirement.

    That is to say: 500,000 investments in Spain can get a residence permit, and require no legal entrance requirement either 2-year residence permit application with D-type visa nor 2-year card renewal. This change can greatly simplify the application process and make the whole process faster. From this point of view, Spanish government really put much effort in attracting investments!