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    Portugal Golden Residence Permit


    Until the end of May, SEF was finally updated data in April that we all looked forward to, but all this is worth waiting for. There is an exciting news which was released: the total amount of investment of Portugal golden residence permit exceeded 2 billion euros! The timely news makes applicants who is submitting or preparing to submit applications see the brighter future. Now, let's see the important reference information below:

    Recently, due to the golden residence permit approved expeditiously, many investors got the golden residence permit even within a few days and it was never happened before. Because of such rapid approval, the total investment of Portugal golden residence permit for this month reached 2 billion euros! Among that, 1.8 billion euros was by the investment in real estate, and the real estate took up the biggest part of investment in Golden Residence Permit Program all the time. This also shows that the investors fully accept the Portugal real estate market, and the investment of Portugal real estate is an inexorable trend by now and for a long time in the future.

    According to the latest official statistics above, we can see that 130 investors were approved in April, and 507 investors were approved for now in 2016.


    About the family reunification, the number of family members who got approval from January to April is 128, 188, 232 and 193. The average number for each month is 185, and the total for four months is 741. From the date analysis, a total of 2088 applicants were approved in 2015, and 1248 were approved in first four months of 2016 which has reached more than half of 2015. Showing in equation is 1248/2088≈0.5977, it’s close to 60%. Speed up! 

    In addition, the date also shows the number of Chinese investors were 2545 in first four months of 2016. Compared to January to March (2457 people), an increase of 88 people. Compared with other nationalities, the number of Chinese investors is in the first place of the market, it’s far more than the second place Brazil ten times. Once again, it shows the infinite potential of Chinese investment market. 

    Even better, we received a total of 45 latest approved golden residence permit cards today.