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    The world is yours - Delsk Group 2016 annual ceremony held successfully


    Time went by quickly, the old year has passed and a New Year start again, the new year is welcomed by the snow day in winter and ending of the old year.  On January 1st 2016, Delsk Group hold the annual ceremony at Yun Ding Hotel of Zhang Jia Kou – Chong Li with the theme “The world is yours”, which represents the idea of globalization  that Delsk insists on consistently.

    The annual ceremony includes two parts: skiing and gala-dinner. The president Mr. Wang Jing, vice president, Project director, all the managers and employees took apart in the party. In particular, some people who used to work for Delsk were invited too, all had a happy and memorable time at Zhang Jia Kou – Chong Li.

    The annual ceremony began with a rhythmic dancing at 7 o’clock in the evening of 16th ,  the president Wang Jing gave the New Year’s speech, delivered the greetings to all the employees and their family firstly, after all the top managers press on the button of the screen together, it comes to the show time . The show was well prepared by our performers, Wonderful programs were put on the stage, and the whole night was full of laughter and cheers.

    Time files, 7 years has passed since Delsk established.

    The beautiful lady was attracted by the wonderful performance.

    Delsk is full of handsome boys and pretty girls; they are excellent in both work and life.

    Look at the strong host group, they are selected from the outstanding members from Delsk, they are qualified for the host by their extreme appearance, temperament and ability, how excellent they are!

    President Wang invited those who worked for Delsk before to the stage, they once have a common dream and strive for one goal, and the hard times will motivate everyone to fight for the business success together.

    Here was the exiting “lucky draw” part!  Everyone was excited to wait for the reward. Then who is the lucky dog? Two people got first prize, ten people got 2nd prize, 40 people got 3rd prize, and 50 people got the souvenirs. Wow, How wonderful!


    When comes to the wonderful performance ”KAKA’s Trouble”, the performing of annual party is going to finished, after the last dancing show ”YMCA” performed by staff from US operation department, all members from Delsk Group took photo together to memory the great moment. The annual party was held successfully, everyone was attached to that night. While the party is ended, a new start is coming in 2016, there will be a new journey for Delsk Group, and we all believe that the business of Delsk Group will growing steadily and Delsk Group’s future will be better and better.

    “The world is yours ”