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    Market Research & Development

    Our research and development team combines international and local sensibilities to thoroughly investigate projects before we offer them to our partners. This blend of perspectives allows us to identify superior projects and develop them into products that are highly competitive on the market. Our marketing partners know they can trust the quality of the projects we offer while our development partners trust that our knowledge of the local markets will bring in the investors they need.


    At Delsk we seek to provide our partners a detailed knowledge and understanding of our projects in order for them to fully utilize their marketing and sales skills. Our team of trainers offers a variety of options to our marketing partners and their consultants, including direct training in the comfort of their offices or through online video conference calls. We take pride in providing our partners with the detailed training curriculum and materials necessary to market our projects at the highest levels.

    Marketing Support

    As a wholesale marketing platform, we employ a team of international marketing specialists and designers dedicated to assisting our partners in their marketing efforts. Our in-house design team can provide our partners with marketing materials tailored to their client base while our marketing specialists provide a variety of support services for promotional events. Such services range from advising on the latest marketing trends to organizing and conducting presentations and seminars for the clients.

    Property Inspection

    We provide tailored overseas-based home-showing services in all of our project locations. From the arranging of accommodation to providing transportation to our properties, our team of professional ground staff and accompanying interpreters make sure that our clients are well looked after right from the start. With over 2000 selected properties on show across the globe, our local team of experts will meet your every need.

    Case Processing

    Delsk offers a wide array of back-office services to our marketing partners including case processing and CRM support. Our experienced team will guide our partners’ clients through the lengthy paperwork that comes with international investment and immigration so that our partners can focus on marketing and sourcing more clients.

    Property Services

    Our comprehensive after-sales service caters to those who long for a complete peace of mind. Our dedicated teams of after-sales staff at all our project locations provide services such as; property management, maintenance, short-term rental service and other property-related services. Here at Delsk, we ensure that our clients’ investment are managed and kept as they were our own.

    Settle-In Services

    As an outward expression of our motto, The World is Yours, and as part of our after-sales service, we have dedicated teams of acclimation consultants to assist our clients to truly feel at home in their new destination of choice. Our personable local experts are able to provide the clients with a wide range of support ranging from property search to education, medical consulting and many more.

    Health Care Projects

    As a multifaceted investment products provider, OYJ is Delsk’s health investment division specializing in providing consulting and products for our health-conscious clients. From serious medical care to routine procedures and cosmetic treatments, OYJ’s professional team of medical consultants are committed to provide our clients with the most effective and comprehensive healthcare service available on the market.