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    • 20+

      Global Offices

    • 750+

      Cooperative Partners

    • 800+

      Worldwide Staff


    Delsk was founded in Cologne, Germany in 2008. Over the years, Delsk has established its presence by partnering with over 750 enterprises across the globe. At present, we have an expansive portfolio of real estate and investment projects located in Portugal, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Greece, U.K., Germany, St. Kitts, and the United States. Registered in Hong Kong, Delsk now has offices in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and six locations across China. We have plans to expand into Japan, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Australia in 2017.

    As a platform for global cross-border asset allocation and investment services, not only are we devoted to introducing overseas investment projects to our investors, we hope to attract European investors into Asia and other regions as well. As a result, we are committed to being the channel between Asia and the world and be a catalyst amongst these exchanges.

      • Brand Orientation

        We are one of the most authoritative global and comprehensive investment service providers in the world. We are committed to assist investors in asset allocation, real estate acquisition, and health consultation.

      • Our Philosophy

        Excellence is our persistent pursuit. Our core business revolves around global asset allocation. We focus on creating real economic and social value for our clients. Delsk is proud to have a large international team of research and development personnel, ensuring that we can offer the newest and most secure investment products.

      • Service Philosophy

        Customer’s demands will always be our motivation for continuous innovation. We see solving diverse and ever-changing needs as our starting point to offer a brand new investment philosophy to our clients.

      • Corporate Development

        As part of our globalization strategy, we offer one-stop comprehensive service for global real estate investment, commercial investment, and medical tourism. We are committed to offer the best services to our clients and we strive for excellence in all we do.

    • Security Assurance

      Our Secure Group Management Structure And Operation Standards Have Been Implemented With Great Success In The Market. We Bring Security Assurance To Our Clients With An Independent R&d Team, Steady Operation Principles And Multi-layer Investment Security.

    • Product Variety

      Global Real Estate Investment Is Our Core Business. We Also Provide Auxiliary Services Such As Commercial Investm- Ent, And Health Consulting.

    • Our Partnerships

      We Have Formed Strategic Partnerships With More Than 600 Companies, As Well As Strategic Cooperative Relations With Real Estate Developers, Law Firms, Financial Services Companies, Medical Institutions, And Government Agencies.

    • Customized Service

      Delsk Group Has A Global Team Of Over 550 Staff, In Which Over 20 Nationalities Are Represented. We Are Proud To Have A Large Team Of Professional Sales And Marketing Personnel, Our Diverse Team Ensures Our Clients Receive The Most Customized Guidance Possible. We Speak Your Language!


    2016 Mid-Autumn Festival, Delsk bring dreams to the Fakuai Hope Primary School in Yunnan

    As an old saying goes: “we miss our dear ones faraway on festive occasions more than ever”. With the mid-autumn festival approaching, all of us are now looking forward to the family reunion. When we are thinking about the happy moments with our own family, there indeed exist those children who cannot continue their pursuit of knowledge what with poor family condition and disadvantaged educational conditions. In the battered and teetering teaching building are the little skinny and slim children who are eager than any other else to continue their education. Delsk, upholding the conviction of getting the children, as the future of the country, out of the poverty and breaking the shackles cuffed by the destiny, during the mid-autumn Festival of this year, initiates the public service activity to donate to the Fakuai Hope Primary School in Yunnan. By doing this, we will forward our caring love for the children.

    Spending the Mid-autumn with You

    On 18th September, 2015, DELSK issued a small Mid-autumn love outreach by its official Wechat platform, which was intended to present a Mid-autumn benediction to the children at Shengji Art School, a school established specially for orphans from Tibetan Region by means of simple transmission activity to collect loving hearts. DELSK promised to donate the same quantity of goods as the transmission to thank the caring people and children who would participate the activity. Only after a short period of three working days, DESLK had already collected 15,872 attentions and loving hearts for the orphans from Tibetan Region by the force of its Wechat platform. Meanwhile, DELSK decided to raise the donation sum up to RMB 20,000 Yuan to buy Mid-autumn gifts for these children.