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    European R&amp;D Manager
    • Location:Beijing
    • Education:本科及以上
    • Working Experience:1年以上
    • Job category:全职
    • Language requirements:无
    • Salary requirement:面议
    • 2017-09-01

    Job Description:

    1. Program updates & News about selected projects and any other related information of the country/developer

    2. Property market research and analysis of competition, creating marketing strategy and communicate with Management.

    3. Responsible for product development, controlling and update brochure and promotional material - Internal communication with S&M.

    4. Coordination of Sales trips/meetings/calls with our Branch Offices (combined with Presentations during weekends)

    5. Close communication with the developer and assure implementation of relevant new arrangements with Sales Team

    6. Internal and external Training to partner companies and colleagues

    7. Presentations to partners and clients as well as attendance on Exhibitions

    8. Sales Representative of our own projects and/or of developers with agreements under exclusive rights

    9. Accompany clients and make active sales - if required

    10. Preparing of weekly activity reports, organize follow-ups and take necessary action - acting Key account manager for the developer

    11. Able to take long-term posting outside China

    12. Other duties assigned by the Management and department director

    Job Qualification:

    1.Bachelor degree or above; 25 years old or above 

    2.Minimum 6 months overseas study or work experience, worked min. 6 month in managerial position in the company

    3.Fluent English and preferably additional language of the destination; Chinese is an advantage

    4.Office software proficiency

    5.Sales and marketing skills, well developed destination knowledge, interest into legal matters, strong communication and intercultural skills, well organized and structured working ability, result orientated


    Please sent your cv to: hr.zhaopin@delsk.com

    Company website: www.delsk.com