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    Recruiting Specialist
    • Location:Beijing
    • Education:Undergraduate
    • Working Experience:1-3Years
    • Job category:Full time
    • Language requirements:English
    • Salary requirement:Negotiable
    • 2017-09-01

    Job Description:

    1、Keeping a good knowledge of the requirements of staff in different departments
    2、Being responsible for selecting the resumes collected through different channels , the first-round interview and the whole procedures of department interviews
    3、Being responsible for extending and maintaining the recruiting channels
    4、 Building up, improving and updating the company talents bank
    5、 Summary and accounting the data of recruiting work.
    6、Establishing the back-up talent selection scheme and talent pool mechanism

    Job Qualification:

    1、At least the undergraduate degree and three-year working experience
    2、Be familiar with various recruiting models and channels, be rich in recruiting experience and skills, and also be familiar with the related national regulations and rules.
    3、Good occupational morals and team work spirit, and be friendly  
    4、 Excellent expression , good ability to coordinate, analyze and judge, and getting the certificate of CET-4( English can be used as a working language)
    5、Experiences in headhunting field will be favorable in this job application