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    • Location:Beijing
    • Education:Undergraduate
    • Working Experience:1-3Years
    • Job category:Full time
    • Language requirements:English
    • Salary requirement:Negotiable
    • 2017-09-01

    Job Description:

    1、Understand the quality of the required candidate of each department  
    2、Obtain CVs of the candidates of relative post through different channels, finish the procedure of candidate screen and interview   
    3、Maintain and expand recruitment channels  
    4、Establish , complete and update data of the talent pool  
    5、Summarize and collecting data of recruiting works  
    6、To draw up talent selecting plan and talent reservation system 

    Job Qualification:

    1、Above Bachelor degree
    2、Good professional ethics and team spirit, good personality
    3、Down to the earth, responsible
    4、Good abilities of communication, coordination and expression, English, written, spoken and listening, above fourth level (can use it as working language)