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    HR Director
    • Location:Beijing
    • Education:Undergraduate
    • Working Experience:3-5Years
    • Job category:Full time
    • Language requirements:English
    • Salary requirement:Negotiable
    • 2017-09-01

    Job Description:

    1、Above bachelor degree, major in HR management, business administration, workforce economy or related area.
    2、At least 10years working experience, no less than 5years HR management experience, above 3years relative post administrative working experience, fluent English.
    3、Medium-large synthesis corporation HR administrative working experience, reputed corporation working experience preferre .
    4、Understand modern HR administrative method with practical experience, familiar with the relative policies, regulations and laws of the country.
    5、Good at planning and implementing a project; good personality, good at inspiring, communicating, coordinating, and excellent leading abilities, responsible and ambitious.
    6、Good personnel skills, coordinating abilities, good communication skills and able to handle complicated issues .

    Job Qualification:

    1、Based on the expanding strategy of the corporation, to implement the HR strategy of the corporation and to draw up the HR developing strategy for the subsidiary companies. 
    2、To establish and completing the HR administration system of the corporation and the subsidiary companies, to make HR strategy plans and to facilitate the implementation of the strategy.
    3、Directing the construction of the system, in charge of the job and staff design, compose job duties , department duties and supervise the practice of the duties.
    4、In charge of the recruitment, selecting, testing and training of middle upper level administrators, and team building.
    5、To draw up the regulations of the HR administration, to organize , directing and supervising the drawing and implement of the regulations of working procedure.
    6、To establish and complete the compensation and benefit system and regulations, and to supervise the implementation of the regulations.
    7、To establish and complete recruitment policies and procedures of recruiting work, to provide support and instruction to the recruitment work of the company and its subsidiaries of each level.
    8、To draw up and complete training policies and to establish training system, to provide support and instructions to the training of the staff of the subsidiaries.
    9、In charge of the training of middle and high level management personnel of the company.
    10、To draw up and complete performance management system and to assess the performance of the subsidiaries.
    11、To provide suggestions in regard of HR and the company to the decision-making personnel in order to enhance the comprehensive administrative level of the company by controlling HR cost.
    12、Handle the serious administrative HR issues in time , provide instruction to the staff about their career planning.
    13、Communicating with the employees of the subsidiaries regularly or irregularly.
    14、Handle daily administrative work of the company, provides training and instructions to the employees in purpose of fulfilling the missions with efficiency.
    15、To disseminate and extend the company culture, to assist the subsidiaries to form their own culture.
    16、Other works that assigned by the manager