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    Marketing Coordinator
    • Location:Beijing
    • Education:本科及以上
    • Working Experience:2年以上
    • Job category:全职
    • Language requirements:无
    • Salary requirement:面议
    • 2017-09-01

    Job Description:

    1、Creating new sales pipeline of American properties in China

    2、Setting up meetings with clients in order to discuss buyer’s property needs; compiling lists that meet those needs

    3、Building internal appraisal system, promotion mechanisms and update them regularly

    4、Collecting information and develop US EB-5 investor projects suitable for Chinese investors

    5、Conducting market research on new targeted projects

    6、Providing training and support to the international sales team

    7、Providing training on projects for clients and partners and keep a clean and professional track record as well as corporate image and reputation

    Job Qualification:

    1、Acknowledged on US immigrant regulations, with main focus on EB-5 Visa terms and conditions

    2、Ready to take frequent business trips 

    3、Strong sales experience (minimum 2 years) besides marketing background (Legal background and project management experience would be a plus)

    4、Better be over 30 years old and with a clear career plan

    5、Disciplined, self-motivated, resilient, willing and able to cope with market related activities

    6、Administrative and clerical skills necessary to manage files and accounts

    7、Impeccable appearance with distinctive communication and presentation skills

    8、Proficiency level of written and spoken English, with basic command of Mandarin

    Website: www.delsk.com

    Please send your resume to email: hr.zhaopin@delsk.com