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    Project Operation Manager
    • Location:Beijing
    • Education:Undergraduate
    • Working Experience:3-5Years
    • Job category:Full time
    • Language requirements:English
    • Salary requirement:Negotiable
    • 2017-09-01

    Job Description:

    1、According to the responsibility of business planning and maintenance operator partnership, including business negotiation, contract follow-up, relationship maintenance, project development, etc.,
    2、Cultivated the customer demand for product optimization and operation, and integrate all aspects of advantage resources for cooperation;
    3、Participated in business negotiations, signed a strategic cooperation or service contract, and follow up the process of the project implementation, maintain the good relationship with customers.
    4、To do the Market Research
    5、Carried out the market development and promoting business cooperation plan

    Job Qualification:

    1、Study abroad or life experience,
    2、Cultivated the market independently, and maintain good relationship with operators (including financial, legal, human resource, consulting, business overseas trade, luxury, home furnishing, traveling, immigration and overseas abroad, real estate medical treatment, overseas investment, should familiar with one of the related or more of the industry that above mentioned)
    3、Keep the acute market sense with ability to grasp the market dynamics and directions; 
    4、With strong communication and negotiation skills, ability to establish friendly relationship with customers, and coordinate with other related departments smoothly. 
    5、Be skilled at the office software and other necessary business tools; excellent of scheme presentation and writing ability.